I'm a fan of trying out new stuff. It keeps you on edge with all the new things happening in the webdevelopment environment. One of those things is Ghost. As many of you may know I'm a fan of WordPress and even pay the bills with WordPress. But sometimes you have to try out new things and get inspired doing so.

Installation is normally done trough command line, but DigitalOcean (referal) now supports it as a one click installer. After spinning up your droplet, you log in trough SSH to do the final steps (the installer automaticly runs when you first log in).

Installer start automaticly, and asks a couple of questions about SSL

After setup, it's a real delight. It has a great theme to start with (that is what you see now) and the backend is as easy as they come. A real breeze compared to the default install WordPress comes with.

All in all a big fan so far. It's small and blazing fast, but extensions are not as widespread as they are with WordPress offcourse. I will try to dive in the extensions and theming of Ghost and see if it's something for me. This will be my personal playground with Ghost and hope to tell you more soon.